Digital Native Workshop

An intensive connected online workshop in creativity, modern media tools and marketing. It's for individuals, artists and creators wishing to deepen their personal creativity, master modern tools, and expand and grow.

Practice Makes Permanent

The Creativity Workshop delivers a condensed learning experience through live lessons, coaching, curated resources and personalised feedback.

  • Digital Native

    Mastering imaging, video, graphics, and writing to produce content that resonants with people.
  • Modern Marketing

    Create happy, successful customers and use their momentum to drive referrals and repeat sales. Keep your business spinning.
  • Creativity

    Do it joyfully, lovingly, without being purely economical, and you're being creative. Creativity is our attitude, inner approach, and quality we bring to the activity we are doing.

How The Workshop is Different

Unlike traditional online video courses, the Creativity Workshop's hands-on projects have been designed to work in a connected, digital workshop. Highly leveraged, intensive, and applicable. More than 75% of your time is spent producing creative work, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. Sure, there are videos, but the workshop is focused on what we actually do: learn together.

  • Hands-On Curriculum

    Project based learning

  • Live lessons & Coaching

    Personalised feedback

  • Success Guarantee

    We work together

Who is Joseph Strid?

Insights from more than 25 years of creating work and teaching digital at universities and colleges.


    Joseph was tenured at the Australian National University for a decade and has taught extensively in digital media arts for colleges and universities across Australia.
  • Practicing Artist

    Joseph has won multiple public art commissions, including a 100K video art commission to fly drones in Australia's Pilbara region.

    Josephs artwork and photographs have been exhibited internationally and he has been featured in numerous art prizes and awards.

    Joseph holds a diploma in audio engineering and started his career producing and touring electronic music.

    Joseph holds both commercial pilot and a drone pilot licenses (7-20kg drones / CASA). He has flown drones commercially all over Australia.
  • 6 FIGURE Digital Marketer

    Joseph built a 6-figure digital marketing business in 2 years from scratch, working just 3 days a week. he taught himself digital marketing by freelancing.

Hands-On Curriculum

Unlike traditional online video courses, the Creativity Workshop curriculum is hands-on. it's about the practical application of knowledge, accomplished by shipping responses to projects.

About The Creativity Workshop

The Creativity Workshop is an Intensive online workshop for artists. It's delivered as a connected live workshop for artists wanting a personalised learning experience as they learn new skills for a digital world.


    The boot camps cover digital imaging, video, the web, and online marketing.

    More than 75% of your time is spent producing work.
  • Condensed learning experience

    Condensed learning experience through live lessons and personalised feedback.

    Real change happens through face-to-face coaching and the workshops peer-to-peer learning environment.
  • PRACTICAL Applying Creativity

    The practical and creative application of knowledge is accomplished by shipping responses to projects.

    The Creativity Workshops dedicated coaching means I can give personal attention to students and the work they create.

Dedicated Realtime Coaching

The Workshops dedicated coaching means every student receives support developing ideas, mastering practical concepts and deepening their own personal creatively.

Learn By Doing

More than 75% of your time is spent producing work. The workshop designed for individuals who want to level up with modern digital tools and skills.

  • Personalised Coaching

    • Learn at Your Pace
    • Curated Resources
    • Personalised Feedback
  • 4 Week Workshop

    • Condensed Learning
    • Weekly Live Lessons
    • Hands-on Curriculum
  • Connected Learning

    • We Work Together
    • Intensive Format
    • Real World Projects

Learn How To...

The Creativity Workshop is about the practical application of the tools, techniques, and knowledge you learn in the program. You can pick and choose from the modules that suit you. Or complete them all and level up in record time.

  • Photography

    Frame, expose and shoot technically correct photographs. Then edit, grade, color, and composite final work.
  • Video

    Shoot technically correct video, transcode it, edit it to music, and add type. Render final video As 4K or HD video.

    Create professional-grade graphic designs using Photoshop, Illustrator, web tools and design appropriation. Even if you've never designed before.
  • Motion Graphics

    Design and produce motion graphic video sequences with images, video, type, and music.
  • The Web

    Design and code light and fast websites using visual coding. Add integrations for tracking, email and social media marketing, and chatbots.

    Create rich media facebook campaigns using compelling creative (images, slideshows, and video) and emotionally persuasive ad copy. Engage and convert browsers into buyers.

    Rank sites organically on Google Search as well as writing high performing Google Ads campaigns
  • Clients

    Land weekly paying clients, or launch high converting sites for yourself. Run campaigns, track and measure conversions, and generate revenue.
  • Creative Flow

    Trust your own astounding creative instincts and realise the life you've imagined. You have everything you need at your fingertips.

The Media Production Menu

Learning the tools and discover opportunities to advance your work, your career, and your income. This isn't easy but it's possible with workshops intensive learning format.

  • Digital Cameras

    Shoot correct exposures (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) with still, video and drone cameras and maximise image performance and editing flexibility.
  • Digital Image Formats

    The image formats and when and how to use them: psd, tif, png, jpg, gif, eps, pdf. Know exactly when and how to use these.
  • Digital Video Formats

    Learn video encoders and file formats—mov, mp4, avi, ProRes, H265, Mpeg4, and more. Learn how and when to use them.
  • Lightroom

    Correct camera negatives for imperfections, then develop digital negatives with precise controlusing Adobe Lightroom.
  • Photoshop

    Master documents, layers, adjustments, selections, masks and type to craft pixel-perfect images, designs and graphics with ease and fine control.
  • After Effects

    Create animated compositions and motion graphics using video, images, design elements, text and music.
  • Video Encoders

    Adobe Media Encoder & Handbrake tools for batch video compression for projects and the web.
  • Premiere Pro

    Transcode and ingest video into Premiere for editing, colour grading using video scopes, add titles and render final video for film and video projects.
  • Digital Design

    Design skills for websites and app interfaces, ad campaigns, art projects and more. Learn how to design like a pro even if you're new to the process.
  • WebFlow

    Design and code blazing fast websites, blogs and landing pages with the webs best visual coding tool WebFlow. Add hosting and publish with one click.
  • Google Analytics

    Track and monitor website visitors and measure bounce rate and other key metrics to optimise your site as you grow.
  • Google Search Console

    Optimise your site's Google search visibility by tracking and optimising for the search queries that brought people to your site using Search Console.
  • Google Ads

    Create paid Google Ads accounts that produce high click-through rates by creating search ads that use machine learning to maximise performance.
  • Facebook Business Pages

    Create and optimise Facebook Business pages with vanity URLs, apps and services, and then add it to the Facebook Business Manager.
  • Facebook Business Manager

    Manage business pages using Facebook's Business Manager and create awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns. Use precise audience targeting and retargeting and track key performance metrics.
  • Instagram Business Accounts

    Unicorn Platform is a powerful website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers.
  • Online Resources

    Source the best high-quality icons, images, video and music for free to enhance and lift your projects to the next level.
  • Cutting Contra Deals

    Negotiate contra deals with business to provide creative services for equipment discounts, free accommodation and more.
  • Write Winning Commission Proposals

    Learn what a successful 100K art commission looks like and how you can win these.
  • Deepen Your Personal Creativity

    Learn to get out of your own way and trust your own astounding personal creativity. Create the life you prefer.
  • Do Your Own Thing

    Growth your web traffic and online income and tread your own path.

Success Guarantee

The Creativity Workshop is a mutual commitment. We commit to welcoming you into a small, focused cohort of creative individuals, and doing everything we can to deliver on the promises of the workshop. In return, we ask you to commit to spending the time, money and passion it takes to level up while contributing to your classmates personal development in each session.

The Creativity Workshop

An intensive connected online workshop in creativity, modern media tools and marketing. Real change happens through face-to-face coaching and the workshops peer-to-peer learning environment, where everyone shows up and connects. Practical application of knowledge is accomplished by shipping responses to projects, getting feedback from peers, providing constructive criticism, and publishing your work to the Slack workspace community.
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