Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about the workshop, myself, and anything else people have cared to ask me.


The workshop, myself, and answers to anything else people have cared to ask me.

  • What is Creativity Workshop?

    The Creativity Workshop is an intensive online workshop with personal coaching. The workshop uses digital tools like Slack and Zoom to engage a group of students in an intense six-month process.

  • What are the advantages on this workshop?

    The Creativity Workshop offers a way to rapidly acquire broad skills in imaging, video, graphics, website production, and online marketing. It's all bundled up here in one place and with dedicated guidance and feedback to allow you to develop quickly.

  • Is the Creativity Workshop worth it?

    We're charging more than other online courses for a simple reason: We want committed students. No one in the workshop is browsing around or hoping for a quick hit. You'll be surrounded by other people willing to do the work and contribute along the way. The yearly cost of an international undergraduate degree from ANU ranges from AU$36,400 (~US$26,150) for some Bachelor of Arts programs. The workshop professionally, and personally offers incredibly valuable. You will come away from the program with new skills and inspired to move forward with your work. You will possess energy, motivation, enthusiasm and new ideas. New ways to express yourself creatively and with a perspective on events outside of your work.

  • Am I able to interact with my instructor?

    Absolutely. We work together. He will also provide videos to answer questions and feedback to students on their work. He also hosts special live Q&A sessions and opportunities for student participation.

  • Do I need any prior knowledge to attend the workshop?

    You don't need any special knowledge to participate. However, the workshop is for doers. You'll stretch further and learn more than you ever thought possible. You will need to show up and participate as often as you can. The more you commit the faster and deeper your learning will be.

  • What is the curriculum like?

    The Creativity Workshop is about the practical application of specialised digital skills and knowledge. Students learn to apply the techniques and concepts associated with imaging, video, the web and growing a creative business online.

  • How is the program delivered?

    The Creativity Workshop teaches online in a fundamentally different way. The program is experiential, not lecture-based, with personalised real-time coaching, weekly live streaming sessions, and peer to peer engagement.

  • What Is Your Refund Policy?

    We offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase. To process your refund, you simply submit a request with the email address associated with your account.

  • Who is the ideal Creativity Workshop student?

    The workshop is for artists wishing to move beyond tools and experience increased flow with their art practice. It's for creative individuals who want to level up their skills in the modern age—creativity, imaging, design, video, websites, and online marketing.

  • Who should enrol?

    The best art school experience is transformative. It exposes students to a new way of thinking as well as a cohort of fellow travelers, motivated, smart people in a hurry to change things.

  • Why should I enrol in the this workshop now?

    The Creativity Workshop is transformational. You are investing in yourself. And if something is worth doing, it's worth doing now AND there will never be a better time than now. The workshop is not easy. You will manage however with support from your lecturer and your peers. You will get into a mode where you can do more than you would have thought possible. Above all else, you will learn to get out of my own way and take action while embracing the fear that comes along with putting yourself out there.

  • What are the admission requirements?

    I am seeking people of all ages, from all backgrounds, who share a desire to make work that matters and who have shown a willingness to commit to the program and transform. I am looking for kind of people who will prefer the intense, intimate, condensed experience the Creativity Workshop offers. People who are seeking rapid professional transformation.

  • Who Is Joseph Strid?

    Joseph holds an Honours Degree in Multimedia Arts, and has been working creatively and commercially with art, photography, video and digital production for over 25 years. His broad background has allowed him to develop, produce and distribute content across numerous areas, including: ground and aerial cinematography, video projects for broadcast, desktop and the web, video commissions for major national institutions such as The National Film and Sound Archive and the National Gallery of Australia, and numerous web, design, and interactive media projects and installations.

  • What is the focus of this program?

    The focus of the program is the practical application of specialised knowledge in digital arts. Imaging, video, the web and marketing online are all tools and techniques of our age. Learning to practically appy these is focus of the program.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply just book a free 30-minute Zoom chat with Joseph to get to know each other and see if we’re a good match.

The Creativity Workshop

An intensive connected online workshop in creativity, modern media tools and marketing.
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