Notable changes, new features, content updates

Currently Working On

  • Incubator support pods 
  • Question System for the Incubator 
  • Incubator HQ (Slack)
  • Split FB Campaign for Incubator Intake (August)

July 2020

  • Incubator HQ (Slack)
  • Purchased 100/40mbps Internet to enable art process live streams
  • Financed the next 24 months to 'whole ass' this site and projects

June 2020

  • I've decided to commit myself100% to Joseph Strid
  • Let go of all other projects

April 2020

  • Suspended all social media activity while I regroup for Art Reboot
  • Decided to shift to sharing art process (live) instead of photographs

January 2020

  • Migrated website development from WebFlow to Unicorn
  • Began writing the guides to keep sate my interest and to (perhaps) help other seekers and sufferers