Arts Incubator

Subscription-based workshop series in digital art production and modern business and marketing. I support future entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and artists.

Practice Makes Permanent

The Artist Accelerator delivers a condensed learning experience through live lessons, weekly guidance, curated resources and personalised feedback.

Digital Production

Producing technical photographs and video, creating layer-based composites, designing graphics, web/print publishing. Also still and video editing and grading, music tools, web/broadcast publishing

Responsive Websites

Interface design, search optimisation, coding websites, code-free websites, marketing websites

Modern Marketing

Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Content and Creative, AdCopy, Audiences and Analytics

How The Workshop is Different

The Accelerator consists of live stream video classes. Each session there will be Q&A's and the main session content. Every session will have source files and show notes.

You'll also be able to book sessions to discuss your work. The Accelerators dedicated guidance means every student receives support in developing their ideas, mastering practical concepts, and deepening their personal creativity.

Highly leveraged, intensive, and applicable. More than 75% of your time is spent producing creative work, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. Sure, there are videos, but the Accelerator is focused on what we actually do: learn together.

The Accelerator format delivers digital skills
in a matter of months not years.

  • Art Making

    The work is what matters

  • Modern Marketing

    Make people care

  • Practical Application

    Concepts into action

Learn By Making

The workshop designed for artist who want to level up their digital production skills, aquire modern web design and development skills, and get a firm handle of the principles of modern marketing. It's not about trends — we focus on the things that don’t change.

  • Highly Relevant

    • Master Technique
    • Hands-on Curriculum
    • Practical Projects
  • Weekly Live Sessions

    • Realtime Live Sessions
    • Connected Learning
    • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Personalised Guidance

    • Learn at Your Pace
    • Personalised Feedback
    • Curated Resources

You're in Good Company

25 Years of Art Production
and Teaching Experience

Who is Joseph?

My aim here is to help artists avoid the pitfalls I fell into. I want to help artist roll their own online business.
  • Practicing Artist

    I've won multiple public video and photographic art commissions, most recently a 100K video art commission to fly drones in Australia's Pilbara region.

    My artwork and photographs have been exhibited internationally and featured in numerous art prizes and awards.

    I hold a 1st class Honours degree from Middlesex University, as well as diplomas in audio engineering, multimedia.

    I hold a commercial pilot license (fixed wong aircraft) and drone pilot licenses (7-20kg drones) from CASA. I have flown drone missions commercially all over Australia.
  • 6-FIGURE Digital Marketer

    I built a 6-figure digital marketing agency in 2 years from scratch, just to learn how to do it. Clients can be a right pain in the *#@, but they enable freedom from the 9-5 grind.

    I was a tenured media arts lecturer at the Australian National University for a decade. I've also delivered dozens of programs for colleges and universities, in photography, drones, video and more.

The Accelerator 'Why'

As an artist myself, I understand the joys and frustrations involved in making art. I've had a modicum of success, and my share of highs and lows. I've made a lot of smart moves, and many many more mistakes. But I've done it all now, the shows, the commissions, the uni art school lecturer, and most recently the marketing and web freelancer.

I can help both the digital artist looking to advance their work or those looking to get going. I can also help the budding online business builder, as I've designed and run websites for many businesses. And done marketing for many more.

My undying interests are art, tech, and the philosophy of being a human being. 

Enrol in The Accelerator Beta Program (limited places)

I prioritise two things: your enthusiasm to take part in the beta workshop, and your commitment to show up and do the work.

Real change happens through face-to-face online guidance and the workshops peer-to-peer learning environment, where we show up and connect. The workshop uses Slack for coach/student interactions and collaboration enabled conference rooms.

Accelerator core topics include…Media Arts Production, Web Development, Marketing, Strategy, Risk-taking, Storytelling, Making change happen.
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$ 99

Beta Program (limited places)
  • ✓
    Art making
  • ✓
    Website Building
  • ✓
    Modern Marketing
  • ✓
    Realtime Classes

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  • making great work
  • making people care
  • concepts in action