Hi, I'm Joseph

This site hosts my artwork, an artist workshop, and articles on web technology, learning, and personal creativity. I spend my days in the studio making art, writing articles, and teaching my workshop students. I am also a co-founder of Bright Sparks, a K-12 education company helping teachers deliver STEAM.

The Artist Workshop

An intensive connected online workshop in media arts, web technology, and modern marketing for artists and creators. It's intensive, connected learning, for those wishing to possess modern skills for a digital world.

The Articles

I write about what I'm learning and testing. I'm fascinated by our creative mind and how our attention and focus creates the life we experience.

Studio Work

I've worked with photography, video, and drones for more than 25 years. I make photographs, video and print works, and take on public art commissions.

Creative Minds

If you're a curious intelligent person, you should definitely join the other people on my newsletter, Creative Minds. It’s one email a week with everything interesting I’ve read or found, plus new tools, articles and book notes.

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